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Fully Floating 2-Piece Brake Discs for Toyota GR Yaris - Front (SG2F024)

Fully Floating 2-Piece Brake Discs for Toyota GR Yaris - Front (SG2F024)

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EBC Racing have now released a brand new 2-Piece disc for the GR Yaris.

- Weighing in at only 9.5KG approx.

- Multi groove pattern for higher performance.

- Works in perfect harmony with standard caliper.

Get the ultimate set up and add the YellowStuff or BlueStuff brake pads to the disc purchase, 

After an extensive development program, thousands of hours dyno testing, and the construction of a brand-new production line at the EBC Brakes World Headquarters in Northampton, UK, EBC are pleased to launch a new range of high performance 2-piece fully-floating brake rotors under the newly formed EBC Brakes Racing sub-brand.

Embarking on this project, the EBC Brakes Racing team’s mission was a clearly defined one; to develop the highest quality 2-piece floating brake rotor available on today’s marketplace. The componentry and technology used in these brake rotors exemplifies this pursuit of ultimate and absolute quality, culminating in a brake rotor that is perfectly matched to the highest braking demands of modern performance road and race cars.

We fitted these discs to our GR Yaris, you watch the video below

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