The kit includes racing brake fluid, temperature-sensitive disc heat test paints, and caliper temperature strips.


Undoubtedly, braking represents a fundamental element of a vehicle's performance, particularly in high-speed track settings. EBC Brakes Racing's innovative Track Pack offers an ideal solution, enabling you to oversee your brake temperatures and ensure peak performance.

What’s Included


Each EBC Brakes Racing Track Pack contains:

– BF307+ Ultra High-Performance Super DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid (1L)

Our BF307+ high-performance Super DOT 4 brake fluid has been expertly engineered to deliver exceptional performance in braking systems frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, rendering it a superb choice for fast street driving, track day experiences, and racing applications.

– Caliper Temperature Strips (x10)

This should be affixed to the outer rim of your brake caliper, offering a convenient and immediate assessment of the caliper's temperature, all without the necessity of removing the wheel beforehand.

– Disc Heat Paints (x3) & Applicator Brush

These fast-drying paints feature a formula that can be used on a variety of surfaces and are intended to dissipate at the specified temperature. They come with thinners for dilution or to replenish evaporated solvent. They offer exceptional precision, with an accuracy level of up to +/-1%.

– 1 x green temperature paint – up to 427℃ / 800℉

– 1 x orange/red temperature paint – up to 538℃ / 1000℉

– 1 x yellow temperature paint – up to 649℃ / 1200℉

Also contains x3 bottles of temperature paint thinners for easy removal of heat paints.

– EBC Brakes Racing Stickers (x2)


To order this kit quote TP001 to your stockist or buy online

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