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EBC Ultimax OE Replacement Brake Pad Set (DP467)

EBC Ultimax OE Replacement Brake Pad Set (DP467)

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Pad A Dimensions:

118 x 64 x 18mm


OE Replacement Pads

The perfect quality daily driver pad option for all modern cars, petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.

These premium quality British made pads are designed to meet or exceed the performance of any OEM pad and are fully R90 approved. The EBC Brakes Ultimax range are long lasting, high friction pads designed for normal urban driving at all speeds on prestige cars, 4x4 and light trucks.

  • Copper free for ECO compliance

Ultimax pads feature centre slots, edge chamfers and Brake‑In surface coating to condition discs after installation and help to quickly deliver stopping power on new pads. Hardware and wear leads included where fitted as standard. Tests at the MIRA research facility prove that these pads typically stop faster then OE.


Choose Greenstuff or Redstuff for fast street use, Yellowstuff for track use and Bluestuff , RP‑1 or RP‑X for race use.

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