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EBC SR11 Racing Brake Pads - (DP8079.25SR11)

EBC SR11 Racing Brake Pads - (DP8079.25SR11)

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A fully sintered pad blend for fastest asphalt race and endurance applications. SR?11™ was independently tested in a professional USA laboratory at 200?900 Psi to LMGTE/GTLM race parameters. The new EBC SR range is a low?noise, long?life sintered pad blend that is designed to offer the LOWEST pad?wear?cost?per?lap in race driving.

  • High 0.55Μ stable friction
  • Extremely fast bed in, works from cold
  • Heat range: 0? to 900?/1650?
  • Excellent Modulation
  • Maximum pad wear life
  • Minimal disc wear
  • Made in the USA
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