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EBC SR Series Race Pads DP8079.20SR11 Front

EBC SR Series Race Pads DP8079.20SR11 Front

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Whilst the competition struggles to make organic and semi-metallic pads last longer and longer to reach the pinnacle of brake pad durability, EBC has taken a fresh new approach with a blend of compressed and heat fused (sintered) metal powders alloys, to deliver a brake pad that brakes better and lasts longer than just about everything.

Although badged an endurance grade, these pads are equally at home in any form of closed-circuit racing, short or long duration.

The new SR series comes in two blends, SR11™ the medium friction version and SR21™ the higher friction options

EBC Sintered SR pads are in a class of their own.

Made in the USA plant of EBC Brakes, SR bites harder and lasts longer than anything without damaging rotors. There have been a few sintered pads around in the past but never like these.

With the transfer film technology employed in creating this compound, disc wear is almost totally eliminated. Being a “hard” pad in compressibility terms means pedal feel will also be better and more responsive.

Wear life is huge and tests have shown 3-5 times longer life than competitor semi-metallic pads.

The SR11™ medium friction compound is targeted for front of street base cars where high ABS effect exists on the car or for the front and rear of race cars with bias controls. SR is therefore only made in a limited range of ultra-fast street vehicle systems or for full race calipers from such as AP, Brembo, Alcon, and Wilwood which will launch in spring 2022.

The biggest advantage of SR is twofold….more bite, less fade, and the LOWEST cost per racing mile of any pad.

Another huge positive is the almost instant brake obtained from SR after merely matching the pads to the rotors the brakes are right there from the cold up to 900°C (Ambient – 1650°F)

There is NO CHEMICAL BEDDING on SR, you just fit them and race since there are no volatiles to burn off, another first in race brake technology

Dozens of top teams have run SR in 2021 and every single one has requested supplies for the 2022 racing season.

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