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EBC Performance Pack Pad & Line Kit with Yellowstuff Pads (PLK1679)

EBC Performance Pack Pad & Line Kit with Yellowstuff Pads (PLK1679)

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Kit Components:

DP4104R + DP4105R + BLA1725-4L

Pad A Dimensions:

61 x 56 x 15mm

Pad B Dimensions:

56 x 53 x 15mm

EBC's pad & line kits are developed bespoke for each vehicle and contain every component required to extract the maximum performance from the vehicle's stock brake discs and calipers.

Yellowstuff high performance pads give improved fade resistance and upgrading both the front and rear axles together ensures a totally balanced brake upgrade, improving vehicle handling and achieving shortest overall stopping distances.

Also included are EBC's braided stainless steel brake lines that flex far less than stock rubber lines, giving a firmer and more responsive brake pedal with significant improvements in brake feel.

To wrap up the upgrade, every pad & line kit is supplied with a FREE bottle of EBC's super DOT 4 brake fluid, with a boiling point of 307℃ this fluid has a higher boiling point than even DOT 5.1 fluids, allowing you to push harder for longer without brake fade.

Yellowstuff is EBC's top selling fast road and light track material offering fantastic bite from cold, consistent friction level and excellent brake pedal modulation.

Yellowstuff is fully R90 approved and thus totally road legal, making it the ideal material for performance vehicles driven on the public roads and occasionally driven on track.

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