EBC Racing 2-Piece Fully-Floating Discs for Nissan GT-R35, SG2F015

EBC Racing 2-Piece Fully-Floating Discs for Nissan GT-R35, SG2F015

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Craftsmanship meets fine materials in our highest performing rotor to date

Fully Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotor

EBC Brakes Racing’s new range of fully-floating 2-piece brake rotors inject a new level of quality to high performance brake components.

After an extensive development program, thousands of hours dyno testing, and the construction of a brand-new production line at the EBC Brakes World Headquarters in Northampton, UK, EBC are pleased to launch a new range of high performance 2-piece fully-floating brake rotors under the newly formed EBC Brakes Racing sub-brand.

Embarking on this project, the EBC Brakes Racing team’s mission was a clearly defined one; to develop the highest quality 2-piece floating brake rotor available on today’s marketplace. The componentry and technology used in these brake rotors exemplifies this pursuit of ultimate and absolute quality, culminating in a brake rotor that is perfectly matched to the highest braking demands of modern performance road and race cars.

These high-performance brake rotors are available through 3 different purchase options:

  1. ‘SG2F’ rotors that serve as a direct replacement for performance vehicles where 2-piece brake rotors are fitted as standard, e.g. Nissan GT-R (R35).
  2. Where the vehicle has a 2-piece pin-drive brake rotor as original equipment, EBC’s SG2F 2-piece rotor upgrade seamlessly replaces the pin-drive rotor with a true fully-floating 2-piece rotor, whilst requiring no vehicle modifications.
  3. ‘SG2FC’ 2-piece floating rotor conversions that upgrade OEM 1-piece cast iron rotors to performance 2-piece floating alternatives*, e.g. Ford Focus RS (mk3), Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
  4. ‘SG2FK’ rotors that are included in EBC Brakes Racing’s Balanced Brake Kits™.

* All ‘SG2FC’ 2-piece floating conversions will seamlessly replace the OEM 1-piece rotor and are designed to integrate with the OE caliper and pads with no vehicle modifications necessary.