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EBC Full Race RPX Pad & 2pc Disc Kit FULL VEHICLE (P2DK046RPX)

EBC Full Race RPX Pad & 2pc Disc Kit FULL VEHICLE (P2DK046RPX)

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EBC Racing's fully-floating 2-piece brake discs combined with our full race RP-X pads represents the ultimate braking upgrade for dedicated track & race cars seeking peak levels of on-track performance. RP-X is EBC Racing's range topping race pad that has been relentlessly developed without compromise to equal or beat the performance of even the most revered established race pads in today's marketplace, often costing double or triple the price. RP-X is not R90 approved and thus not road legal in many EU member states. RP-X boasts exceptional levels of performance and fade resistance yet achieves this with very low disc wear. Furthermore, due to its advanced friction chemistry, RP-X exhibits superior pedal 'feel' compared to many other 'grabby' race pads that gives the driver unprecedented levels of control and confidence throughout each and every braking event.

EBC Racings 2-pc fully-floating brake discs are engineered from the finest materials without compromise, resulting in one of the highest quality 2-piece brake discs available on today's marketplace. These discs are equally at home on the road or at the race track. Outer friction rings are cast from high-carbon G3500 disc alloy, giving excellent wear properties and crack resistance even after heavy on-track use. EBC's patented stainless steel SD-Drive bobbins allow the braking ring to float freely and independently of the centre bell, reducing stresses and eliminating the chance of warping, whilst each bobbin location features an anti-rattle clip for totally silent operation. All discs feature 48 curved vanes and are handed to each side of the car allowing effective heat dissipation. EBC 2-piece discs often offer a weight saving over OEM parts, helping to reduce rotational un-sprung mass that has a positive effect on driving dynamics. Additionally, when the disc eventually becomes worn, the hub can be retained replacing only the outer friction ring which reduces long term operating costs.

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