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EBC Brakes Pad and Disc Kit (PD15KR209)

EBC Brakes Pad and Disc Kit (PD15KR209)

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Kit Contains:

DP91470 + GD1249

Pad A Dimensions:

116 x 59 x 17



Solid or Vented:


Bolt Holes:




Disc Height:


Disc Thickness:

22mm Max / 20mm Min
  • Kit contains one set of Orangestuff brake pads and one pair of GD slotted and dimpled brake discs
  • Money saving brake kit including one set of pads and a pair of discs
  • Orangestuff series was developed as a full race pad with a high friction level that increases with temperature.
  • This material works best on light to middleweight high powered race cars where a higher fade resistance and wear life is desirable compared to Yellowstuff. Despite having an acceptable cold friction making this material street usable, the hot friction is deemed too high for ECE R90 approval and therefore this material is not road legal within Europe.
  • Pair of slotted and dimpled upgrade brake discs with grooves that are designed to dispel gasses and debris
  • One pair of slotted and dimpled upgrade brake discs. Wide slots and blind drilled dimples are designed to dispel gasses and debris. Manufactured from unique disc alloys and thermic black coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested.

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